Security Barrel Bolts

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  • 9"-inch long
  • Projection of 1 ½"-inches
  • Surface application
  • Poly bagged with fasteners for long-lasting durability
  • Aluminum finish
A barrel bolt lock, also called a sliding bolt lock, is a very simple and easy piece of door hardware that is used to secure a single side of a door (although very effective). Consisting of two main components, the sliding metal bar and the catch plate, this bolt physically blocks the door with a solid metal bar from being opened. In a residential space barrel bolts are often used for kitchen cabinets or garage settings. More heavy duty bolts can also be used for residential front doors or even animal enclosures, but most often we see barrel bolts of this size in commercial spaces. Barrel bolts provide an extremely efficient and affordable solution for applications in which a keyed locking system is not necessary or wanted.
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