Flush Bolts

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  • Spring loaded lever action
  • Rod extension: 7/8" throw
  • Face dimensions: 15/16" x 4 ¼" with 5/32" radius corner
  • ½" nylon tip with beveled corners to prevent binding
  • Supplied with nylon keeper and fasteners
  • AL and DU finishes available
Mortise flush bolts are for use on commercial storefront, architectural aluminum, and glass narrow stile doors. Made for easy installation, these flush bolts replace most brands of storefront flush bolts. We offer flush bolts at an affordable price and a great, high-quality value. Perfect for locking double doors because of the way it lays flush with the side of it's door, these are commonly seen on commercial double doors, such as in a school or a hospital where larger entrances are often needed to accommodate varying traffic flows. The flush bolt then acts as a way to lock the inactive door in place and allow the opposing door to stay open, or to have both doors open. Available in a variety of rod length and backset sizes, these bolts can be purchased in either our AL or DU finish.
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