Hold Open Arms with Cushion Arm for 4300 Series - Duranodic -  Pro-edge HD

Hold Open Arms with Cushion Arm for 4300 Series - Duranodic

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  • For the 4300 Door Closer Series
  • Surface mounted
  • Thread: 10mm
  • Hole: 12mm square
  • **Note: For hold open to function properly when regular or top jamb mounting the door closer, door must open a minimum of 90 degrees.

Our 4300 Series Cushioned Hold Open Arm door accessory is only compatible with our 4300 Series commercial door closers. Cush-N-Stop, is a heavy duty parallel arm that is able to stop itself at a certain point as well as be locked into a static hold-open position. These door closers are made for higher traffic doorways. This arm’s hold open function is between 90 and 180 degrees. Standard duty friction type hold-open door closer arm for regular, top jamb or parallel arm mounting. There are mounted on the push side of a door and extend almost parallel to the door. The "Cush-N-Stop" arm feature allows the extended arm to stop when hitting its “shoe” (the base portion of the whole device.). This prevents the door from opening past a certain point thus protecting the wall behind it. This closer accessory available in aluminum and duranodic finish. 


The link provided includes step by step instructions for the installation of your new Hold Open Arms with Cushion Arm for 4300 Series: Click Here

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