Callan Grade 2 Fairfield Knob

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    • Finishes Available: Nickel, Bronze, Brass
    • Door Prep Cross bore: 2-1/8”
    • Latch face: 1” x 2-1/4”
    • Backset Fits 2-3/8” and 2-3/4”
    • Cylinder SC1
    • Faceplate: 1” x 2-1/4”
    • Strikes 1-3/4” x 2-1/4”
    The Callan Grade 2 Fairfield Knobset is designed for use on standard residential applications. These Traditional style knobs feature a smooth finish with no additional detailing. The Grade 2 Fairfield Knobsets are popular for their simple and sleek appearance as well as their rounded base. All Callan Grade 2 Fairfield Knobsets are non-handed in order to fit any door. They also contain combination screws that suit both wood or metal door mounting. The Grade 2 knobs feature a protective collar, interlocking installation guides and reinforced spring assembly. These simple and easy to install knobsets will compliment any home or office. The Grade 2 Fairfield Knobset will fit a 2 1/8 inch bore in your chosen door, come with two backset options of either 2 3/8″ inches or 2 3/4″ inches and our standard latchset supplied for 2 3/8 inch backset and 1 3/8 inch door thickness. While the Passenger and Privacy knobs come in 2-3/8” & 2-3/4” adjustable latches. The installation template is also included with diagrams for this particular item. The Functions available for the Callan Grade 2 Fairfield Knobset include:
    • Entry
    • Passage
    • Privacy
    The available finishes for these knobs are Satin Nickel, Edged Oil Rubbed Bronze and Bright Brass. Click here to see product specifications.