Omnia 260 Knobset

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    • 2 5/8" inch diameter for knob face
    • 2 7/8" inch projection from surface
    • Option of either a 2 3/4" inch or 2 3/8" inch back set
    • Finishes Available: Nickel, Bronze, Brass
    The Omnia 260 Knobset features a highly-decorative face with floral center and beaded detailing on it's perimeter. This knob has a very decorative, baroque aesthetic and is often used in traditional homes for as a subtle accent piece. This knob set is packaged complete with levers, a tubular latch, a metal spring loaded sub-rose, spindle, and all mounting hardware. The installation template is also included with diagrams for this particular item. The door hardware is conveniently supplied with extra heavy duty latches and fits a door bore of 2 1/8" inches. With a 2 5/8" inch diameter for the knobface and a 2 7/8 inch projection from the surface of the door, these knobets are both compact while still giving your traditional home the details that it wants. An option of either a 2 3/8 inch or 2 3/4 inch back set for your latchset is available, although if not specified a 2 3/8" inch back set is supplied. Part of the Ornate series, the 260 style comes in the following functions: passage, privacy, single dummy, and pair dummy handle. They are available in Polished Brass (lacquered), Polished and Satin Nickel Plated, Shaded Bronze, and the Omnia Max Brass finishes.