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Omnia 9000 Auxiliary Deadbolt

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    • Either a 2 3/8"-inch or 2 3/4"-inch back set
    • A finished strike: 2 3/4"-inches by 1 1/8"-inches
    • Deadbolt latch of 1"
    • Schlage "C" Keyway Cylinder
    • Shapes Available: Thick, Thin, Square
    The Modern 9000 Deadbolt Series with Stainless Steel trim comes in three different styles, featuring either a thick upward sloping side, thin sloping sides, or a squared cylinder that lays flush with its trim. These deadbolts are made of a stainless steel material and have sturdy, thick sides making it a great security addition that is sure to last you a long time. The Modern 9000 comes either activated by key only or activated by key and turnpiece, and comes in a satin stainless steel finish. This residential deadbolt is packaged complete with a 2 ¾” by 1 1/8”-inch strike, armored strike reinforcement, two #10 x 3' door screws to reach door frame studs, two #8 x 3/4 inch combination wood/metal screws, two #8 x 3/4 inch sheet metal screws, and a dust box. This deadbolt employs a rim cylinder for ease of re-keying and key changes. The Modern 9000 is suitable for most pre-existing bored for cylindrical locks and is supplied with a schlage “C” keyway (as standard). The dimensions of the 9000 Deadbolt Series are listed below, as well as all options to customize your deadbolt to fit your needs. With two backset options of 2 3/4” and 2 3/8”-inches, this deadbolt is made to accommodate any kind of door you have. Choose between a deadbolt made for a 1 ¾” or 1 3/8”-inch door thickness projection. This deadbolt is both modern, compact, and comes in a satin stainless steel finish.