Blum 71B355180 110° Clip Top Blumotion Hinge -  Pro-edge HD

Blum 71B355180 110° Clip Top Blumotion Hinge

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    • Hinge Opening Angle: 110 degrees
    • Door position: Full overlay
    • Fixing Type: Screw-on
    • Mounting Type: Wrap-around Mount
    • Screw/nail NOT included
    The Blum 71B355180 110 Clip Top Blumotion Hinge has precise movement, like clockwork. Integrated Blumotion is a technical masterpiece that fits into the smallest of spaces and provides your furniture doors with silent, effortless closing. Clip Top Blumotion is designed to open and close 200,000 times, with a compelling quality of motion, to last the lifetime of the furniture.
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