Delaney 1100 Series Paper Holder

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    • Finishes Available: Chrome, Bronze, Nickel
    • Width: 8-5/16"
    • Length: 2-3/4"
    • Back Plate Width: 2-1/16"
    • Back Plate Length: 2-1/16"
    The Delaney 1100 Series Paper Holder is a simple way to liven up your entire bathroom. Featuring three different finishes the Delaney 1100 Series Collection is more than just a classic style; it's a must for every traditional bathroom. The Modern style paper holder transforms any bathroom into a modern and sophisticated environment. The Delaney 1100 Series Paper Holder is 8-5/16" in width and 2-3/4" in length. While the Back Plate is 2-1/16" in width and 2-1/16" in length. Finishes available for the Paper Holder are Tuscany Bronze, Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel.
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