Delaney 400 Series Towel Bar

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    • Finishes Available: Chrome, Nickel, Bronze
    • Length: 18" or 24"
    • Width: 2-1/4"
    • Back Plate Length: 2-1/8"
    • Back Plate Width: 1-1/8"
    The Delaney 400 Series Towel Bar features a unique combination of modern and classic, with a coastal style that provides the best of both worlds. Spoil yourself with the 400 Series Collection and give your bathroom the exclusivity it deserves. The Coastal style towel bar has a length of either 18" or 24" and a width of 2-1/4". Finishes available for the Delaney 400 Series Towel Bar are Tuscany Bronze, Satin Nickel and Polished Chrome.