Door Closer Arm Cush-N-Stop for 4300 Series - Duranodic -  Pro-edge HD

Door Closer Arm Cush-N-Stop for 4300 Series - Duranodic

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    • Aluminum Body
    • Available for 4300 and 4361 Series
    • Self-cushioned
    • Lays almost parallel to door
    • DU finish

    Our 4300 Series Cush-N-Stop Arm are specifically made for either our 4300 or 4361 Series commercial door closers. Cush-N-Stop, also abbreviated as CNS, is a heavy duty parallel arm that is made for high volume traffic or potentially harsh usage. There are mounted on the push side of a door and extend parallel to the door. Cush-N-Stop arms have a door stop built into it allowing the extended arm to stop when hitting its “shoe” (the base portion of the whole device.). This prevents the door from opening past a certain point thus protecting the wall behind it. This closer accessory available in aluminum and duranodic finish. For your commercial or residential closer we have every type of door closer accessory that you need to make your device function how you want while looking great at the same time. Our closer accessories adjust the placement or speed of your closers function. This provides easier installation and device support. We offer a large selection of interchangeable accessories such as hold open arms, brackets, drop plates and sex bolts. Our goal is to make Home Hardware Plus your one stop shop to make your purchase everything you could want. All of our closer accessories have recommended closers to go with them. If you are looking at upgrading your current closer this accessory is the perfect combination to purchase a closer with. Most of our door closer accessories come available in our AL and DU. Other finishing options are available based on item and its series.


    The link provided includes step by step instructions for the installation of your new Door Closer Arm Cush-N-Stop for 4300 Series: Click Here

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