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Door Holders

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    • Durable Rubber tips on all variations
    • Polybagged with sheet metal screws
    • Finishes available: US3, US4, US26D, DU
    We supply both drop down and step on Door Holders, also known as door stops. Common on the bottom corner of doors for a hands free opening system, this is a simple and cost effective way to improve your room accessibility. With both step -on and kick down door holders including rubber stop tips, these are some of the most affordable and highest quality door holders on the market. Popular in both commercial and residential settings, we have door hardware available for you in a variety of finishes and sizes. Our hardware have 4, 5, and 8 inch options and come in the following finish options: bright brass, brass, satin chrome, and duranodic. You can also check out our pairing door stops to complete your hold-open door.
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