Hafele 133.50 Amerock Candler Cabinet Knob

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    • Length: 1.25"
    • Width: 0.98"
    • Height: 1.14"
    • Material: Zinc
    The Hafele 13350 Amerock Candler Cabinet Knob is perfectly matched to whatever mood you're creating, from classic to contemporary and all eclectic trends in between. This piece is crafted in multiple finishes to define, dazzle and spark the imagination. This piece is also great for furnishing whatever bathroom or kitchen you may have be renovating or building. This knob comes in a few finishes, Zinc Alloy and a Tuscany bronze, which makes for a very nice, rustic look. Knobs come in singles, but ordering in quantities of 20-25 is suggested for any kitchen/bath renovation project.