I.C. Core Storeroom Exit Device Lever Trim - Satin Chrome -  Pro-edge HD

I.C. Core Storeroom Exit Device Lever Trim - Satin Chrome

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  • Non-handed
  • Fits any exit/panic rim device
  • Fits standard door preps
  • Supplied with 2 keys
  • ADA compliant style
  • Storeroom function
  • Satin Chrome finish
Our IC Core Storeroom Device Lever Trim from Trans-Atlantic is an accessory for any touch/panic bar exit device. With this exit device door lever, the key locks and unlocks the lever. When unlocked, turning the lever unlatches the exit device. This trim style is ADA compliant and comes in entry, passage, and storeroom functions to fit your specific door needs. Also available is our I.C Core Lever Trim options which allows for easy change of keying without removing the entire lever trim with its interchangeable core. We have multiple trim finishes for both our standard and I.C Core lever trims including our antique bronze, bright brass, and satin chrome finish.
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