Omnia 9136 Cabinet Knob

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    • 1"-inch sphere diameter
    • 1 3/16"-inch sphere diameter
    • 1 9/16"-inch sphere diameter
    • Flat face knob with wavy detailing and small base
    • Made of solid brass
    • Available in Chrome, Brass finish
    The Omnia 9136 Cabinet Knob features a circular-shaped knob with sloped face and double indented diameter. Ideal for an added touch for your living room, bathrooms, and formal dining room. This cabinet hardware is popular because of its large curved knob face and accented edges, giving it a simplistic yet detailed look. Available in three different knob diameters and comes in either a Lacquered Brass or Polished Chrome finish. This knob hardware is available in either a Lacquered Brass or Polished Chrome finish.
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