Richelieu 602901 Screw-Mount Support Fitting

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    • Depth Adjustment: 5/8"
    • Vertical Adjustment: 15/32"
    • Fixing Type: Screw Fixing
    • Length: 2 3/8" to 3"
    • Height: 23/32" to 1 3/16"
    • Width: 1 23/32"
    • Capacity: 198 lbs.
    • Sold in Pairs (left and right)
    • Can be installed on a rail or anchor
    The Richelieu 602901 Screw-Mount Support Fitting will help you keep your closet both neat and accessible. Each unit consists of a steel mechanism inside a rugged plastic case, and can be installed on a rail or anchor. This product is compatible with rail no. 300605 and is sold in pairs.
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