Richelieu FKCZ658PRJ Zinc-Plated Wood Screws (Box of 800)

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    • Application: Slide & Hinge
    • Length: 5/8"
    • Drive required: Square
    • Drive size: #1 (Green)
    • Thread type: Course
    • Point type: Regular
    • Head type: Flat
    • Screw size: 6
    • Head size: no. 5
    • Thread count: 12
    Richelieu FKCZ658PRJ Zinc-Plated Wood Screws Box 800 works perfectly for slides and hinges. These zinc-plated wood screws can be purchased for the following Richelieu Blumotion Hinges: 71B355180, 71T555180, and 71B375180 See our page for affordable pricing today!
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