DP-1003 1 300x

Standard Drop Plate for 2201 ADA Series - Duronotic

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    • Drops closer approximately 3-1/2 inch
    • 11-3/32” x ¾” hole pattern
    • Includes mounting hardware
    • Fits any closer w/ 11-3/32 inch horizontal mounting holes and 3/4 inch vertical mounting holes.
    • DU finish
    • Standard Compatibility
    Our Drop Plates for door closers are most popular for use on top jamb mounts that have limited overhead clearance or it can be used on a regular arm to clear a mortised stop or holder. In a commercial setting these closer accessories are often used on doors with glass for when the glass interferes with the mounting of the closer (like a metal door frame with glass plating on majority of the door). Our door drop plates are available for the 400/500, 600, 1200, 4300, and 4361 Series Door Closers, in which you can specify if you want a parallel arm compatible drop plate, a top jamb mounting plate, or just our standard drop plate. These are available in our white, duranodic, and aluminum finishes For a parallel arm bracket to go with your drop plate, click the link here.