500 Series 48" Commercial Rim Panic Exit Device - Grade 1

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Step into the realm of heightened security with the Trans-Atlantic (TACO) 500 Series Rim Panic Exit Device. Crafted to perfection and available in a medley of finishes, this device is designed to fortify doors stretching up to 48 inches wide. Need a trimmer fit? Simply adjust as required for narrower doors. Whether you have a hollow metal door or a wooden one devoid of surface projections, this exit device is your go-to. Engineered to be ADA compliant, and surpassing ANSI Grade 1 standards, it promises reliability and efficiency in spaces where robust usage is a norm—think office edifices, bustling retail hubs, and luxury hotels. While the package ensures you have all the essentials, from the strike plate to the latch, note that the exterior lever trim is to be acquired separately.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior Finish Options: Match or contrast with your door's aesthetic, thanks to the varied finishes on offer.

  • Broad Compatibility: Primed for hollow metal or wooden doors ranging between 26” to 48” wide. If you're dealing with a narrower gateway, simply cut it down for that perfect fit.

  • Certifications: Proudly stamped with the UL Listed SA32524 and aligning with the rigorous ANSI A156.2 Grade 1 criteria, this non fire-rated device epitomizes superior quality.

  • Accessibility Excellence: With ADA compliance, the design assures easy access. Being non-handed and reversible, it seamlessly fits right and left-hand doors alike.

  • Dogging Ready: Equipped for dogging, the device comes with a complementary dogging hex key for your convenience.

  • Technical Insights: Flaunting a 2-1/4 projection, it's tailored for doors with a thickness bracket of 1-3/4" to 2". A minimum stile (head width) of 3" is optimal for installation.

  • Hassle-free Set-Up: Say goodbye to complex installations. The device comes with all required mounting accessories for a swift setup.

  • Durability Enriched: The robust plastic end cap ensures longevity, making it resilient against everyday wear and tear.

  • Peace of Mind: Each purchase is shielded by a comprehensive 10-year warranty, underscoring our trust in the product's endurance.

In a Nutshell: The 500 Series 48" Commercial Rim Panic Exit Device isn't just about security. It's a promise of reliability, ease of use, and an undying commitment to quality, all woven into one. With TACO, elevate your commercial space's safety quotient while ensuring smooth accessibility for all.

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