Shipping & Delivery Policy

Pro-Edge Hardware Solutions

Commitment Beyond Quality: Ensuring Timely Deliveries.

At Pro-Edge, our dedication to a seamless customer experience isn't restricted to the quality of our products. It extends to ensuring that these products reach you promptly and in impeccable condition. The guidelines of our Shipping & Delivery Policy are outlined below for transparency and clarity.

Processing Time:

  • Order Verification: Every order goes through a meticulous verification process to ensure accuracy and prevent any discrepancies. This is an essential step in maintaining the trust you place in us.

  • Dispatch Window: Upon successful verification, most orders are processed and ready for dispatch within 1-2 business days.

Delivery Estimates:

  • Our commitment is to provide accurate delivery timelines. However, while we consistently strive to meet these, unforeseen circumstances like carrier delays, weather conditions, or a surge in order volume can sometimes influence the actual delivery date.

Order Tracking:

  • Empowering you with information is crucial. As soon as your order is dispatched, we'll provide a tracking number, granting you the ability to monitor your package's journey to its destination.

Failed Deliveries & Returned Packages:

  1. It's essential to provide a precise address to ensure prompt delivery. In scenarios where a package is returned to us due to an address error or if it is unclaimed, the customer will bear any subsequent return shipping fees and the initial shipping costs.

  2. Redelivery will be initiated only upon the customer's confirmation and the clearance of any additional shipping fees.

Damaged or Lost Packages:

  • On the rare occasion that you suspect your package might be lost, please reach out to us. We will investigate promptly and ensure corrective action.

  • Should you find that your package sustained damage during its journey, it's imperative to inform our customer service team immediately. Document the damage with photos to expedite the resolution process.

Reaching Out To Us:

Should you have queries or require assistance with any aspect of shipping and delivery, our dedicated customer service team is always at your disposal:

Final Words:

Your faith in Pro-Edge drives us. We go to great lengths not only in ensuring the superior quality of our products but also in guaranteeing they reach you in perfect condition and as swiftly as possible. This Shipping & Delivery Policy underlines our dedication to this promise and our unwavering commitment to upholding the standards you've come to expect from us.