Exit Device Panic Alarm Kit - Aluminum -  Pro-edge HD

Exit Device Panic Alarm Kit - Aluminum

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  • Battery operated alarm unit that is easily installed and used with any ED-500 series panic device
  • Time delay feature to permit exiting before unit is armed
  • Alarm monitors the use of the door. When the touch bar pressed, the alarm alerts with a signal
  • 9-Volt battery required, not included
  • AL finish
Our Alarm Kit for exit panic devices can be used with any ED-EAK500 Trans Atlantic 500 series panic device. Compact in size to enhance look when added to your door, this exit device accessory adds extra security and alerts surrounding individuals when the panic bar is pushed. This Alarm Kit is touch sensitive and requires only a 9-volt battery as a power source. Available in our aluminum, duranodic, and stainless steel finishes.