Intermediate Pivots Almarlite Style

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  • ¾" offset application
  • Precision Aluminum Diecast
  • Full race ball bearing and Oilite Bronze bushing
  • Door thickness: 1 ¾"
  • Finishes: AL, DU
Our Almarlite Intermediate Pivots are intended for doors taller than 83” that require additional support to keep the middle of the door in line with the pivots at the top and bottom. Including a case hardened pin to jamb portion that allows full retractability, making installation very easy. For use on both flush face frame installations and 1/8” recessed door applications. The pivots cannot be used on center hung doors. Suitable for aluminum doors weighing up to 125 pounds. Available in our Aluminum and Duranodic finishes and for use for any door handing.
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