Offset Pivots Armalite Style

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  • ¾" offset pivots for aluminum door and frames
  • For 1/8" recessed door applications
  • Weather resistant
  • Aluminum case construction
  • 1/8" vertical adjustment
Armalite Offset Pivot is recommended for any door where appearance is an important consideration on a heavy, high-traffic door. Unlike our Arch, Vistawall, and Old Castle style pivots, the Armalite offset pivot is more round in shape and is specific to whether it will fit a right or left handed door. The Armalite pivot gives significantly more support then a standard butt hinge used for storefront doors. The support from both the top and the bottom makes this offset pivot a more sturdy and less likely to malfunction piece of door hardware. These fasteners are less likely to become loose or need adjustments over time. These offset pivots also prevent any sagging due to the lack of tension and friction. With the Armalite style pivots being available in left and right handed options, as well as with an aluminum or duranodic finish, you will find a piece of door hardware that you will love.