Secure and Smooth Ball Bearing Commercial Hinge with Non-Removable Pin – Superior Strength & Durability (Set of 3)

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Introduce unparalleled smoothness and secure operations to your doors with our Ball Bearing Commercial Hinges, featuring a Non-Removable Pin, a pivotal solution for bolstering security on outswing doors! Ideal for metal or wood doors, these hinges are the go-to choice for medium to heavy weight doors, ensuring a seamless blend of durability, security, and operational fluidity.

Our hinges are meticulously crafted, available in resilient Steel or Stainless Steel material, designed to withstand varying frequencies of use, from low to high openings. The non-removable pin acts as a formidable security measure, preventing the removal of the hinge pins, making it a crucial addition to spaces necessitating elevated security levels.


  • Superior Security: Equipped with a non-rising steel pin, ensuring heightened security by hindering the removal of hinge pins.
  • Smooth Operation: The integration of ball bearings promises seamless and fluid door movements, offering a superior user experience.
  • Precision Installation: Accompanied by a template for screw hole locations for accurate and hassle-free installations.
  • Conformance to Standards: Meets ANSI/BHMA standards (ANSI A8112), symbolizing reliability and quality.
  • Versatile Usage: Suited for both metal and wood doors, ideal for medium to heavy weight door applications.
  • Enhanced Durability: Crafted from robust Steel or Stainless Steel material, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Conclusion: Embrace the fusion of unparalleled security and operational excellence with our Ball Bearing Commercial Hinges with Non-Removable Pin! Whether you're focusing on the smooth operation, the steadfast security, or the versatile application, these hinges, available in a set of 3, stand as a testament to premium quality and reliability. Secure your space with hinges that exemplify robustness and sophisticated engineering!