Door Chime Viewers

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    • For doors 1 1/8" - 2" thick 
    • Available in deluxe
    • Two-tone chime
    • 180' viewing angle
    • US3 and US26D finish
    These door chime viewers provide a great 180 degree visibility out your door. Door chimes are often favored more than a standard door viewer because one system can be used for more than one door. Acting as one of our standard door viewers with an audible two-toned chime, the attractive sound of a door chime often is a pleasant indicator of a guest arriving and adds practicality and awareness to your door’s functionality. To see our door viewers without the chime, click the link here. Our doorbell viewer comes pre-assembled so that installation can be as easy as possible, and is available in both a bright brass and satin chrome finish. These door viewers are a great residential addition to your front door.
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