Door Closer SXN Nuts - Bright Brass -  Pro-edge HD

Door Closer SXN Nuts - Bright Brass

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  • Packaged as a set of 4
  • Compatible with any door closer
  • Screw length: 3/4 inch
  • Female thread: 1/4-21
  • internally threaded
  • Bright Brass finish
Our Sex Nuts are made for thru-bolt mounting any door closer. Often used to mount closers on aluminum framed, composite and wooden doors (but can be used on any material door). This bolt can go by many other names, including Chicago bolts, architectural bolts, and barrel nuts. They are most commonly used because they are low profile and more conspicuous than other nuts. These nuts closely resemble machines screw, but they feature internal threading to keep you bolt securely in place. This hardware had a barrel shaped body that is internally threaded and a slightly protruding top lip. These bolts sit flush on whatever surface they are fastened to. Compatible for use with other mating screws or standard machine screws. Our sex nuts are made of steel. Available finishes are our custom brass, duranodic, and aluminum finishing to match any commercial or interior decor.

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