Oil Rubbed Bronze Commercial Entry Ball Knob Trim with Lock for Panic Exit Devices

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The Trans-Atlantic (Taco) Entry Ball Knob Trim is presented in a sophisticated oil rubbed bronze finish, aligning as a versatile accessory with any Trans-Atlantic or Global Door Controls panic/exit devices. Exclusively designed for doors that necessitate a secure locking mechanism, like exterior or office doors, this entry knob trim can be unlocked from the exterior using a key. Boasting heavy-duty construction, this ball knob trim is an optimal choice for commercial applications, ensuring sustained performance and heightened security. The trim's non-handed/reversible feature permits installation flexibility, fitting on the opposite side of the door to the panic exit device. The inclusion of detailed instructions and mounting hardware promises an uncomplicated installation experience.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Refined Aesthetic: The oil rubbed bronze finish delivers a timeless and elegant appearance, integrating seamlessly with diverse commercial interiors.
  • Enhanced Security: Equipped with a keyed entry knob, it is predominantly used for bolstering security on exterior doors in commercial settings.
  • Uncomplicated Cylinder Removal: The spindle latch mechanism facilitates easier and more efficient removal of the cylinder.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to align with all Trans-Atlantic or Global Door Controls panic/exit devices.
  • Installation Versatility: The non-handed/reversible design ensures adaptability, fitting conveniently on the opposite side of doors to the panic exit device.
  • Comprehensive Package: Accompanied by installation instructions and mounting hardware, simplifying the installation process.
  • Locking Mechanism: Comes with a Schlage "C" keyway, including two 6-pin keys, providing added security and convenience.

Conclusion: The Trans-Atlantic Oil Rubbed Bronze Commercial Entry Ball Knob Trim stands out as a premium security accessory for commercial environments, combining elegance, durability, and heightened security. Its sophisticated finish, enhanced locking features, and universal compatibility make it a preferred option for securing exterior or office doors in commercial settings. The package, complete with instructions and mounting hardware, guarantees a hassle-free installation, rendering it a practical and valuable enhancement to commercial security setups.