Lever Flush Bolts

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  • 12" rod to fit ANSI prep doors
  • Spring loaded lever
  • ½" diameter
  • Made of a solid brass material
  • US3, US26, and US26D finishes available
We offer flush bolts at an affordable price and a great, high-quality value. We make our flush bolts for commercial spaces or heavily used residential spaces, and are perfect for locking double doors because of the way it lays flush with the side of it's door. Hence its name, these flush bolts are a particular type of bolt that lays flat and even with the side of the door. A manual flush bolt requires someone to lock, and unlock it manually. These are commonly seen on commercial double doors, such as in a school or a hospital where larger entrances are often needed to accommodate varying traffic flows. The flush bolt then acts as a way to lock the inactive door in place and allow the opposing door to stay open, or to have both doors open. on the market.
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