Offset Pivots Kawneer Style

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  • For 1/8" recessed door
  • Door weight: up to 125 pounds
  • 1/8" Vertical adjustment
  • Top and bottom pivots sold separately
  • Top pivot- Non handed
  • Bottom pivot- Handed (must specify Left Hand (LH) or Right Hand (RH))
  • Finishes: AL, DU
Our Kawneer Offset Pivot is engineered and designed for durability, style, and easy installation. Our high quality pivots are suitable for 83” aluminum doors weighing up to 125 pounds and are typically used for 1/8” recessed door applications. Any heavier weight door would be recommended to have supporting door hardware to prevent overexertion of these pivots. Offset pivots are recommended for any door where appearance is an important consideration on a heavy, high-traffic door. Useful for any very heavy door, these pivots provide more support than a standard butt hinge. By having the support of the door being held on the bottom arm of the offset pivot instead of tension being held on the side (like with a standard hinge), these fasteners are less likely to become loose or need adjustments over time. These offset pivots also prevent any sagging due to the lack of tension and friction. The Kawneer Offset Pivot comes in either an aluminum or duranodic finish and is available for both right- and left-handed doors.