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Offset Arm

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    • Replacement for offset arm
    • Track Length: 12-1/2"
    • Track Width Outside: 1-7/16"
    • Track Depth Outside: 11/32"
    • Parts included: arm, a track, & two additional connection parts.
    • Fit most Global Closers in AL finish
    Our Offset Track Arm Combination is a perfect replacement for any offset arm, or a great way to upgrade your current arm and track. This closer accessory comes with all of it's parts unassembled, so taking a piece purely for a replacement is simple. The purpose of an offset arm is to serve as a replacement arm for an overhead concealed closer or to use in new construction projects as a supportive measure. The offset arms are for single acting doors only, and must be offset hung (versus the standard center hung.) When installing, the door must have a cutout to fit both the concealed closer and the additional arm. Everything is concealed and sits flush inside the door when installed correctly. Included is an arm, a track, and two additional connection parts. These are made to fit the majority of our door closers and comes in our aluminum finish.
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