Parallel Arm Bracket for 1003 Series - Duranodic -  Pro-edge HD

Parallel Arm Bracket for 1003 Series - Duranodic

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  • DU finish
  • Use for TC200/2200/400/500/600
  • Great for closers with no shoe
  • Need 3/8" diameter
Our Parallel Arm Bracket can be used with any surface mounted closer where the arm has no shoe and that have a ball socket that’s 3/8" in diameter. Each of our brackets are specific to door closer series, making selection easy. For these brackets we have aluminum and duranodic finish options available. A parallel arm bracket is often installed on the push-side of the door in which your closer is functioning. This bracket makes it possible for the closer arm to extend almost parallel to the door. The benefit of this bracket is that with it there is then little to no hardware visible coming past the frame of the door. This is often a popular addition for commercial storefronts because it also gives protection from potential vandalism. Our parallel arm brackets are also commonly purchased with our assisting drop plates, which you can find here.
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