Push Pull Paddle

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    • Extruded Aluminum Paddle
    • Zinc Alloy housing
    • Reversible paddle
    • Standard packing includes: cam plug, paddle arm, operating housing, binder post, self adhesive decal, and mounting hardware.
    • AL and DU finishes available
    Our Push Pull Paddle is made to be used with our deadlatch mortise locks. These are a great addition to easily access any storefront exit. Requiring little to no hand usage, these push pull paddles are widely used in storefronts because of there accessibility. Featuring a smooth flat face and a push face of about 3.5 by 5 inches. Our paddles are able to withstand steady traffic for without wearing for long periods of time and are paddle reversible, making it compatible with every type of door. Finish options are available in aluminum and duranodic.
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