Side Load Closer Arm -  Pro-edge HD

Side Load Closer Arm

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  • Made for our 7000 Series Overhead Concealed Door Closers
  • Installation hardware included
  • Made from steel w/ Duranotic Finish
  • Adjustable laterally and centrally
  • Side Loading Top Arm
  • Top Rail: 1/2" Deep
Our Side Load Closer Arm is widely used with in conjunction with our overhead concealed door closers, specifically our 7000 Series Overhead Closer. The purpose of this arm is to have a door closer arm that allows for the owner to make lateral as well as centering adjustments. You can fixate the arm laterally to match the door jambs by adjusting screws that are located at the end of the side load arm. To change the arm centrally to your door all you need to do is adjust the bolts at the end of the “swing” end of the arm. This closer accessory comes as a complete set including all necessary hardware as well as the side load arm. This arm features a 1/2" top rail depth and is available in our duranodic finish.