Security Surface Bolts

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  • 8"-inches long
  • 1" bolt throw
  • Has a projection of 1 5/8"-inches
  • Available in a Satin Chrome finish

The Surface Bolts selection at Home Hardware Plus are used for a range of uses, from easy residential door bolts to more heavy duty commercial bolts. Surface bolts are often used on double doors where one of the doors is inactive majority of the time. To hold the door closed a surface bolt can be installed on the top and bottom of the door. The difference between a surface bolt and a flush bolt is that the surface bolt is visible on one side of the entrance, and often this is undesirable. This can be beneficial for residential purposes when an inconspicuous bolt is not a priority. Adding a nice detail to any room, these bolts come in a satin chrome finish and are packaged individually.

Surface Bolt Deta


The link provided includes the Dimensions for your new Security Surface Bolts: Click Here