GH-960-KA-US26 C300x

Tee Handles

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    • 4" spindle, 5/16” square
    • 90 degree turn to unlock
    • Packaged with 2 keys
    • US26 finish available
    The Trans Atlantic Tee Door Handles are often used for application which would undergo less usage but under more extreme conditions. For example, our tee handles are often purchased for use on shed doors, garage doors that need locking from the outside, truck caps and covers, toolboxes, camper tops, jeep’s and RV’s. These handles are able to handle any interior or exterior stress and can hold themselves in very hot or freezing weather. Perfect for any heavy duty application, this Tee Door Handles comes with two keys and unlocks with a 90 degree turn. This chrome finished tee handle are non-handed and reversible, and are available to be keyed alike or keyed differently.
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