TH1105 Deadbolt Face Plate Radius Bevel with Weatherstrip

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  • Both strikes are for use with theTH1101 Deadbolt mortise lock
  • Order double strike when converting a narrow stile lock to a deadlatch, to cover elongated slot in aluminum frame.
  • Available in both our DU and AL finishes
Our TH1105 Deadbolt Radius-style faceplates with a weatherstrip are made so they are compatible for both left and right-handed doors. These mortise lock accessories are perfect to extend the life of a mortise lock that is constantly facing the elements. With a slight rounded curve on the top of the plate, the TH1100-FP5 (for deadbolt function), TH1100 FP10 (for hookbolt function), or TH1100-FP15 (for deadlatch function) should be purchased if you are looking for added weather protection and increased lifespan for your mortise lockset.